About Mark


Born, raised, and educated to his eminent satisfaction in the rural heart of England, Mark Blasdale is a critically-acclaimed author, artist, speaker, and full-time cappuccino enthusiast. When his diary permits, he also guest lectures on the 19th Century Novel, early 20th century American literature, and the life and works of Charles Dickens.

His first book, Keeping Christmas, was published in 2014. Subsequent titles include All the Year Round (latterly titled A Day in the Life of Dickens), Six Hills: Spencer BridgeTwelve Tales of ChristmasChristmas MiscellanyThe Reckoning of Thaddeus PikeHarrison’s PatchAbout Bloody Time, Daniel Lambert: A Life in Five Sittings, Rewrapped: A Selection of Christmas Stories, Tales of a Strange and Curious Sort, and Regifted: A Second Selection of Christmas Stories. The bulk of these titles were republished in hardback form in December 2023 to commemorate his first decade as a serious author.

Before committing to full-time professional writing and authorship, Mark was Group Quality Assurance Manager for one of the world’s leading thermoplastic polymer engineering companies. He went on to enjoy a career as a respected Business Improvement Consultant with particular expertise in quality management systems, environmental management systems, corporate strategy and policy development, training and people development, and corporate Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare compliance.

Mark’s interests, hobbies and influences, though too vast and varied to fully document here, include American history and politics, Victorian literature and social reform, rugby, hiking, painting, cappuccino in all its wondrous forms, Mr Daniel Lambert, the history and traditions of Christmas, the ministry and philosophy of artist, Mr Bob Ross, anything remotely connected to Charles Dickens, and, since infancy, the music of The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

“Mark always has such a wonderful way of expressing himself, ESPECIALLY over the holiday season! He’s so sentimental, articulate and well-spoken; I’m jealous! A very special Englishman.”

Shanel – California USA