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When successful author, Alex Colgate-Soames, receives word that his eccentric uncle has disappeared from a remote Yorkshire inn leaving behind both his personal belongings and an unpaid bill, the young nephew heads north to the village of Stagnant Meade to investigate.

Stagnant Meade is not the kind of place you’d expect to readily welcome outsiders, but Alex soon makes friends with a small group of locals who idle their time at The Hangman’s Noose, supping their pints ’round the welcoming fireside, gorging on the sumptuous menu, and exchanging stories of ghosts, the macabre, and tales of unfortunate former residents who each met their fate in the most horrific of circumstances.

The landlord and landlady too seem genial – the landlady especially so – and Alex soon finds himself falling under her spell. When the landlord unexpectedly leaves the village, the young author is quickly seduced by his pretty hostess, embarking on a passionate and torrid affair.

But something isn’t right. A notebook discovered amongst the bookshelves in his uncle’s former room soon leads Alex into a world of strange folklore and superstition – of curious practices and ancient rites. And where is Uncle Royston? Has he simply moved on as the landlord supposed, or is his disappearance altogether more sinister?

THE HORROR OF STAGNANT MEADE – available early 2022