About Bloody Time

About Bloody Time

Mark Blasdale’s much anticipated 2019 return to the literary stage kicks off with ABOUT BLOODY TIME – a collection of seven wonderfully-crafted tales, each disguising a vague association to the fragility and fleeting nature of time. 

In ODONATA, a woman faces execution in a Texas prison. But would youhave condemned her so quickly? Elsewhere, we accompany famed Romance Novelist Ms Pudenda Partridge as she travels to Reno for her final book convention. In THE BELLS OF STAGNANT MEADE, we keep pensioner Hadley Bell company as he observes his vigil at his wife’s graveside. Maybe a corrupt Bishop and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a Church roof is more to your liking? Or perhaps your literary appetite can be assuaged by a nightmarish scene unfolding behind a locked bathroom door? For the romantic in us all, EX LIBRIS offers a tragic tale behind a long-forgotten love letter, whilst in SELFISH, a man facing a life or death decision gets to play God. 

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Blasdale? Oh, yes! Nice chap. He’s back? Well, it’s about bloody time.”

E B Dallas