Lullaby of the Giants

Lullaby Of The Giants

The short story – LULLABY OF THE GIANTS – was conceived to coincide with my trip to the Pacific coastline of Northern California; my own love letter to the mighty Redwoods of Anderson Valley and the Sierra Nevadas that form the most picturesque of backdrops to Lake Tahoe.

The story of an Eden destroyed by Man, only to be reclaimed by the Ancient One, ‘Lullaby’ will hopefully add a little something to the environmental debate; helping to change the selfish behaviour of those people whose passion for greed so clearly harms our beautiful planet.

One of the true joys of authorship is the opportunity to present your work before a (hopefully) receptive audience. Like many of my readers, I too have a few favourite passages from earlier books that I particularly enjoy revisiting for readings and author-related discussions. Three of these are included here alongside two brand new tales that I hope will soon become popular editions to my travelling repertoire – Lullaby of the Giants and From Out of the Mist. ‘Lullaby’ was the last offering I wrote with my precious little Pepsi beside me. For that reason, this very short tale has become – and will ever remain – immensely important to me. This slim volume is perhaps best viewed as a ‘companion’ to my readings only, and not necessarily a stand alone work. For those who take an especial interest in my writing, Lullaby of the Giants and From Out of the Mist are both previously unpublished. Contents: Lullaby of the Giants, From Out of the Mist, Keeping Christmas (extract), Harrison’s Patch (extract), The Reckoning of Thaddeus Pike (extract). 115 Pages.