Mark My Words

It wasn’t so much that my readers said it couldn’t be done; rather, their plaintiff appeals and pitiful entreaties simply stated that it shouldn’t be done. But the remonstrations of a hostile public have not deterred me yet…no, nor shall they deter me now. So, with as much pomp and fanfare as a marketing budget of £4.87 can muster, let us join hands in modest jubilee and bravely face together the latest resurrection of my bi-monthly Newsletter…MARK MY WORDS.

“So, what can we expect this time around?” It’s a fair and honest question, dearest reader, yet one I am hesitant to answer. I could, of course, cheerfully and blithely promise you a rich assortment of highly-digestible humour, insightful musings on the state of the human condition, and thought-provoking tapestries of intricately woven satire. But we all know that would be a lie. No, I’m afraid it’ll be the same old rubbish you’ve come to expect, repackaged for the prevailing taste but nothing more.

“So, why should we sign up?” Another excellent question and one I’m better prepared for. “Decency and good, old-fashioned human delicacy of spirit” is my reply. Consider this an act of charity; one you’ll only regret once every two months.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me. I want to be part of this revolution. How do I subscribe?” Simplicity itself. Merely click the click to your right or tickle the same link at the bottom of this page. You will be instantly and effortlessly transported to the sign up page where you’ll provide nothing more onerous than a name and an email address. That’s it. And, may I add, THANK YOU.