Tales of a Strange and Curious Sort

Tales of a Strange and Curious Sort

Four new short stories, two freshly penned fireside tales, and a couple of classics from the author’s popular reading repertoire, Tales of a Strange and Curious Sort brilliantly showcases Blasdale’s masterful command of both language and style. 

A modern storyteller with a gift for the picturesque, our left-handed hero once more delights the reader with his dark tales, each sprinkled liberally with humour and pathos.

As these will be the last short stories the author will be publishing for the foreseeable future, the publisher’s advice is “Get them while they’re hot!”

Contents: Old Bones. Shadows from the Sea. Dead Tired. Ex Libris (from 2019’s About Bloody Time). The Leper’s Room. A Warning to the Untrusting. Dereliction. Christmas Passed (from 2015’s Twelve Tales of Christmas).

…something sensational to read in the train.

Oscar Wilde